Connecting the Agenda VR3 to a NetBSD workstation

I ran into troubles while trying to establish a PPP connection between my Agenda VR3 PDA and my NetBSD workstation. These are some notes that might be useful if you want to connect your Agenda VR3 to a NetBSD workstation.

Systems used

I'm using an Agenda VR3e with the original romdisk (i. e. the one that came shipped with the device as of September 2001). On the workstation side I've got a NetBSD-1.5/i386 system running.


I was unable to establish a PPP connection between the two systems as described on Andrej Cedilnik's Agenda VR3 Help Page. I found that there are two minor but annoying problems you might run into:

  1. Serial device: the serial device is called differently from Linux. Instead of
    ttyS0, ttyS1, ...
    you'll have to use
    tty00, tty01, ...
  2. pppd: the pppd that comes shipped with the 1.5 release of NetBSD won't (for some unknown reason) allow you to establish a connection to your VR3. You'll have to install pppd from pkgsrc (net/ppp;; version 2.3.11 works fine for me).

Taking these notes into account, you can refer to the Agenda VR3 Help Page mentioned above.

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